Editing Stickers

Editing Stickers is part of the fun.

In Sticker Drop or from the Share Extension

  1. Tap a sticker from the home view or from the share sheet select “Save to Sticker Drop”
  2. A list of options to edit the sticker will be shown under the sticker.
    1. Description: Descriptions are important, they allow people using VoiceOver is understand what the sticker is. If not provided the Sticker description will just be read as “Sticker”.
    2. Border: Enabling this will give your sticker a border.
    3. Border Width: Sets the thickness of the border around the sticker.
    4. Border Colour: Sets the colour of the border around the sticker.
    5. Drop Shadow: Adds a drop shadow, lets the image standout from the background.
    6. Corner Curl: Turns the bottom right corner of the sticker up.
    7. Sticker Pack: The location the sticker is. You can copy or move the sticker to a different Sticker Pack if you like.
    8. Rotate: Rotate the sticker 90 degrees.

These changes once made are instantly available in the messages app.

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